How to Wash Blankets in Washing Machine Guide

How to Wash Blankets in Washing Machine

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Best Guide: How to wash blankets in a washing machine. Surely it is the moment you want to know how to wash blankets in the washing machine, but really, can the blanket be washed in the washing machine? The definitive answer, yes, taking certain cares, which we will talk about today in this guide. Regardless of whether it is electric, weighted, wool or fleece, your blanket definitely needs a good cleaning.

There are certainly cotton blankets, which you can throw in the washing machine, there are others that need to be hand washed, dry cleaned or mopped. The material with which they are made and the fabric mainly affect the way a blanket is cleaned.

Remember when cleaning a blanket, you must follow the manufacturer’s step-by-step instructions, before starting the wash. Care instructions will tell you the best way to clean your blanket without ruining the fabric.

If for any reason, you don’t have the original manufacturer’s washing and maintenance instructions, you can follow the best practices outlined below:

How to Hand Wash a Blanket

It is always good to know how to wash blankets without washing machine, not all blankets support a wash cycle. In addition, the blanket must have the seal that allows the blanket to be washed in a washing machine. In most cases, the use of the washing machine makes cleaning the blankets easier; But, there are times when using the washing machine will ruin your beautiful blanket. In these cases, follow the instructions below to hand wash any blanket.

  • First, fill a plastic tub with cold water and add liquid detergent. Make sure the soap and water are well mixed.
  • I recommend any of the following liquid detergents to wash your clothes, keeping their color and softness. Without leaving home:
  • Dip the blanket under water and remove the fabric little by little.
  • When your blanket fabric has been thoroughly cleaned, remove the blanket and squeeze out the excess water without wringing the fabric, doing so may warp your prized blanket.
  • Now, you should repeat steps 1 to 3 with clean water until all excess soap is removed.
  • After squeezing all the water from the fabric, place the fabric between two dry towels to absorb the water. This will speed up the drying process.
  • Hang it up to keep its shape.

Best laundry Near me

If your blanket exceeds 20kg, ideal is to take nearest local Laundry, or you just don’t want to wash blanket at home, you can find the perfect place nearby. Find the best laundromat near you – see all open laundries now. Explore the most popular local services near you. Some stores offer home laundry service.

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How to wash blankets in a washing machine:

How to Wash Fleece Blanket

How to Wash Fleece Blanket - Sairux How To Guide
Tips How to Wash Blankets – Fleece – Sairux Guide

Warm and comfortable, fleece blankets are made with a type of fabric that allows you to know if they are of high quality over time. But when the fleece is of poor quality, it loses that characteristic feeling of softness and lush; Meanwhile, the high-quality, or ultra-soft, fleece stands firm soft for a long time. Personally I enjoyed the manufacturing process Fleece, little curiosity led me to look for this video.

To keep your wool blanket soft for a long time, an effective method of washing is necessary.
Using the correct amount of laundry detergent, you should load the washing machine as you normally would:

  • Soap first, then the blanket.
  • Wash with cold water on gentle cycle.
  • During the rinse cycle, add liquid fabric softener. Below I show you the 3 best liquid fabric softeners, to soften clothes and give a fresh pleasant smell.
  • After washing, you should hang the blanket on a clothesline to air dry. This will prevent the formation of pellets that clothes dryers often produce.

How to Wash Wool Blanket

How to Wash Blankets Heated / Electric Blanket
Sairux Guide: How to Wash Wool Blanket

It is turn to learn how to wash a wool blanket, first of all you should make sure to dry clean it. The biggest risk of cleaning your fleece blanket is shrinkage. In the following that I show you below (4), I will teach you how to wash wool blankets without worrying about damaging the fabric of your fine blanket.

  • You must make sure that your blanket is machine washable. Otherwise, see the “Hand washing” section. If machine washable, put a mild detergent on the bottom of the drum and then on the fabric. You already know the three liquid detergents for machine washing.
  • It is time to configure the machine, to wash it in a gentle cycle with cold water.
  • One minute after the start of the spin cycle, you must stop the machine so that the blanket does not stretch.
  • Now is the time to strain on a rack. Warning: Placing the wool blanket in a heated dryer will choose the material.

How to Wash Crochet Blankets

How to Wash Crochet Blankets
Guide: How to Wash Blankets / Crochet

Did you know that washing a crochet blanket is similar to washing a knitted blanket? You must be very careful not to stretch the cord and distort the shape of the blanket. My suggestion is to use the hand washing method.

However, if you want to clean your crochet or knit blanket in the washing machine, my recommendation is:

  • Put the fabric in a garment or mesh bag before placing it in the machine. This way the bag will protect your valuable blanket.
  • You should always ensure the wash cycle is a gentle or permanent ironing cycle.
  • To continue, you need to lay the blanket flat and reshape the fabric after washing. Air drying is the best option to dry a knitted blanket. Even if the drying time is longer, it will prevent the fabric from shrinking.

How to Clean Sherpa Blanket

How to Clean Sherpa Blanket
Sairux Guide: How to Clean Sherpa Blanket

To clean Sherpa blanket, can be washed in a front loading washing machine, or in a washing machine without a center agitator, with non detergent laundry soap. Detergents definitely damage the DWR “Durable Water Repellent” treatment which is responsible for protecting your blanket from allergens.

  • You should never put your Sherpa blanket in the dryer. Even low heat can damage or melt the fabric.
  • Use moderate amounts of fabric softener to condition your blankets to be softer, more resistant to fading, and avoid pilling. However, with larger blankets there is always some risk, especially with duvets. The liquid can be absorbed unevenly and cause stains on the fabric.

How to Wash a Heated Blanket / Electric Blanket

How to Clean Sherpa Blanket
Sairux Guide: How to Wash a Heated Blanket / Electric Blanket

Can I put an electric blanket in the washing machine? As long as the “machine washable” warning appears as an option on the manufacturer’s labels.

  • First of all: unplug and unplug the blanket from all electrical or electronic sources.
  • Be sure to check the blanket space in your washing machine;
  • If it reaches the top of your washing machine or barely fits, your best bet will be to take it to your local laundry, where larger commercial machines will be available.
  • Set your washing machine on the “gentle” or “delicate” cycle and use a mild detergent.
  • While you can let the cycle finish, some recommendations suggest a special soak period after the machine is filled with water and detergent.
  • Just turn the machine off when it’s full and let the blanket sit in the soapy water for about 15 minutes. You should be sure to finish with a rinse and spin cycle.

Finally, to have beautiful and durable blankets, you don’t have to clean them, but put them in the washing machine. Wash with your hands and clean stains, so you can avoid destroying the blanket and prolong its use time and quality.

guide how to wash blankets and comforters
How to Wash Blankets and Comforters

You should always keep in mind that most blankets only need a mild detergent and air drying, this will prevent the material from stretching and spoiling.

I’m sure that if you follow the steps and tips in this article, you will be able to wash blanket while maintaining their appearance, comfort, and softness.

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