Are Blankets Recyclable

How to Recycle Old Blankets [5 Best Tips]

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5 Best Tips to learn How to recycle old blankets. Did you know that a blanket or bedspread is made with cotton and cotton blends and filled with wadding, in addition to polyester or feathers? Over time they will end up worn or damaged ready to be thrown away to be part of millions of tons.

Heavy fabric and padding packages are part of the problem of millions of tons of trash produced each year. The good news is that textile products can be recycled with great success. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, around 2,000,000 tons, which is equivalent to 15% of textiles, were recycled in 2010. And you can also contribute by recycling your old blankets or quilts.

Are the blankets recyclable?

Without a doubt, blankets are essential for the home as they represent comfort and warmth during winter. But the time will come when your home will be crowded with the accumulation of many blankets. Recycling will always be the best idea to treat old stains rather than simply throwing them away.

How to Recycle Old Blankets 5 Tips

You have at your disposal many ways to recycle an old blanket. Below I will list the most accessible and simple ones so that anyone can help the world by recycling the blankets.

Textile Recycling: How to Recycle Old Blankets 5 Tips
Bets Textile Recycling to Learn How to Recycle Old Blankets

Idea #1 to textile recycling

You can donate them to animal shelters to keep abandoned cats and dogs warm at night

Idea #2 to textile recycling

Old Blankets can also be used on trips to the beach for family picnics

Idea #3 to textile recycling

You can make a sleeping bag. To make a sleeping bag with your old blanket, you will only need a few accessories, including a zipper, your sewing machine, a pair of scissors and of course your old blanket. You can test your creativity or discover great blanket creations online how to make a sleeping bag out of old blankets

Turn your Ideas into new product, recycling your blankets, I show you essential accessories ( Sewing Machine, Kits). Get Now by clicking Buy Button to start your DIY projects.

Remember the key when it comes to recycling blankets is that there are many ways to make your old blankets / quilts useful again rather than end up in the trash.

Idea #4 to textile recycling

You can turn your old blanket into a play mat for your child. If you have small children in your home, you can use your old blankets as a playmat to ensure that they can play safely on the floor.

Idea #5 to textile recycling

Another good alternative is to use it as a bed for dogs and cats. If you have pets in your home this is a great opportunity to take advantage of your old blankets. This will help keep your pets warm at night without the need to buy a new one.

Bonus Textile recycling

You can use the blanket as a ground cover. In the event that your plants need heat during the cold season, you can use your old blankets by protecting them with your old blanket. You only need to wrap around your plants so that they can survive the colder temperatures.

Textile recycling companies near me

In case your clothing or apparel is too worn out to donate and cannot be reused for reuse projects, there are companies near you that handle the recycling of these products. Many of them even accept scrap fibers and yarns left over from manufacturing processes.

Without a doubt, an excellent alternative for stained, torn or unusable textiles, clothing recycling is the answer. If you want to find a drop-off location near you a recycling company.

Textile Recycling Companies

Video Idea to Recycle Old Blanket/diy Craft

The important thing is to help the planet, reusing old items, such as quilts and blankets. And you, how do you get rid of your old blankets? Throwing away or Recycling.

How you have been able to appreciate there is a great way to recycle old blankets, These are the most common and simple that you can put into practice to recycle today if you wish.


Best 5 Tips to Learn How to Recycle Old Blankets
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