How to Create a Website Weebly – Die/s Every Minute You Don’t Read This Article

How to Make Weebly Website Easy Steps

Hi and welcome, in our web you can learn how to create your website. This time we want to teach how to create a website weebly step-by-step, that’s right, this time we will use weebly to create a great website.

How to Create a Website Weebly - Dies Every Minute You Don't Read This Article
How to Create a Weebly website step by step

We want to help you build a website with tutorials this time with Weebly, Very Very Easy Instructions !

This help tutorial, how to create a weebly website step by step is for beginners.

Weebly makes creating an amazing website extremely simple and painless. But of course it doesn’t hurt to have a little advice, which is why we make it even simpler.

All the step-by-step and essential requirements you need to build your first site or optimize your current website can be found

Ready to go ?, first go Weebly.

Create a Website with Weebly
Go Weebly to Create a Website step by step!

Now Check Video Steps …. !

How to Create a Website Weebly in 7 Easy Steps

In summary, to create a website with weebly professional, simple way, it can be done in 7 steps.

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Ready to Get Started?

Task of creating a website with Weebly is surprisingly easy and quick: Visit Weebly to start building now!

How to Create a Website Weebly in 7 Steps ?

Step 1
Enter the Weebly official site Here. The account creation form will be displayed with typical fields (name, email and of course a password).

Step 2
Open a Weebly account. In each field of the account creation form, enter your full name, your email address and your password. Once you have completed each of these steps, click “Sign up. It’s free!”

Step 3
Decide the orientation of your site. There are three options to choose from: website, blog, or store. Click on desired option, of course.
Regardless of the option you choose, you can use any of those options later.

Step 4
Choose a theme for your site. You can do this by browsing the following options, selecting the one that interests you most, clicking on it and then clicking on the orange “Choose” button.

Scroll up and click “All Styles” or “All Colors” if you want to select a certain style or color. As for what you can choose from, there are many options.

Step 5
Choose a professional domain for your website. If you want a more professional online presence, try registering your own domain name to use on your website, or connect a domain you already have to Weebly. If you decide to connect a domain you already own, the folks at Weebly will help you connect it as soon as you’re ready to publish.

Step 6
Design and modify your website. Drag the items (these are under the small item boxes at the top under “W Free”) to the box that says “DRAG ITEMS HERE”. Doing so will add elements to your page to make it more attractive. You can also use HTML, if you are experienced, and beautify your site!

You can add text to the title of a page by clicking “My Site” and using the keyboard keys to modify the text.

Step 7
Click “Publish” when you are satisfied with your professional website. Doing this will make it accessible to the public.

If you want to make changes in the future, you should only edit the website again after it is published. To do so, go to “”, choose the website you want to modify in “My Sites”, click “Modify”. You must republish at the end of the modifications.

Why Create a Website With Weebly ?

Because these days, create a website is actually a great and simple way, that’s why we recommend it … But most importantly:

FREE with Thousands of models / designs to choose from.

Even if you have a paid plan, Weebly can be used for free without spending a single penny. There is also a fairly large community behind that has contributed to this. In this way, you guarantee that you will never be left without assistance.

It is very easy for beginners to use.

Regardless of any technical knowledge or previous experience, Weebly makes it easy to create awesome websites with hundreds of themes and a simple drag-and-drop site editor.

Optimized for all types of websites.

From small static and informative websites to trading platforms and online stores, Weebly can handle any type of website.

Mobile Websites.

Any website you create will be responsive and will look great on every device. All Weebly themes are mobile friendly and you don’t need to make any changes or hire someone else to do it for you.

Enough support and community

Available to lend a hand. Weebly is used by approximately 45 million users worldwide. Finding help FAST when you need it is pretty easy. Plus, there are plenty of free resources to help you on your online adventure.

How to start ?

Do not know where to start ? Okay, we have prepared everything for you! You may want to start by browsing through some of our most helpful Weebly guides.

Also, if you have not yet determined how and with which tool you plan to create your website. Then you might consider checking out our Weebly review.

The exam answers several questions like Whate Weebly? Why use Weebly and what it can do for your business? Well, all of this will surely help you decide if Weebly is right for you or not.

As we recommend, for beginners, we suggest sticking to Weebly. It is the simplest website builder. It is also suitable for every need, from launching a small static website to a blog and an online store.

Hope this tutorial is very useful to learn How to Create a Website Weebly. Each step in this guide is applied using the official website builder

Cheers !

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Free Tutorial How to Create a Website Weebly Step by Step