Discover How Much Does a WordPress Website Cost ?

Now i answer one of questions people who need a website frequently ask themselves: How Much Does a WordPress Website Cost ? . Although, Software is Completely Free, cost of a website depends entirely on your budget and needs.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a WordPress Website   Guide
Learn How Much Does a WordPress Website Cost

We will go into all details to answer the real question: How Much Does a WordPress Website Cost ?.

We also show you how to avoid overspending and minimize costs when creating a website.

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How Much Cost to Build a Website on WordPress?

This is a short question, with a long answer and that is why we have divided content of your interest into sections.

WordPress is totally free so that anyone on the planet can download and use it.

It is an open source software that gives you freedom to install it on any type of website.

So if WordPress is free, why does it cost to have a website?

WordPress Blog Cost Categories

This Cost for Build a Website, can be divided into following categories:

  • Hosting (WordPress Hosting)
  • Domain name
  • Design (Free Themes)
  • Plugins and Extensions (Applications)

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WordPress Hosting

To create a Hosted WordPress site, you need web hosting to store your files.

All websites on Internet must be hosted. This is the home page of your website on Internet.

There are different hosting plans available for all kinds of websites.

You must choose one that suits your needs and your budget.

Domain Name

A domain name is essential. It is the address of your website on Internet, and this is what your users will enter in browser to access your website.

Ffor example,,

In short, it is your personal brand.

Design / Themes

In WordPress, there are thousands of free themes to change design of your website.

However, if you want something more advanced, you need to buy a premium theme which will increase the cost.

Plugins / Complements

Thousands of Free WordPress plugins are hosted on wordpress.

These are apps and extensions for websites. Think about features such as design, contact form, image gallery, SEO, etc.

Even if you can create a website with just the cost of hosting and domain, you will likely need to purchase additional paid tools and services.

Be honest at this point, many of those plugins are free, or freemium with paid options.

Let us explain the real cost of building a WordPress site, first of all on a low budget.

Depending on website desired, cost of generating your website with WordPress can be in the range of $ 55 to thousands of dollars, even more.

It is important to know what type of website you are creating and what will need, as this will directly affect your costs.

Build a WordPress Site (Low Cost )

How Much Does Really a Wordpress Website Cost with Low Budget » Discover How Much Does a Wordpress Website Cost ?
Discover How Much Does a WordPress Website Cost with low Budget ?

First we will see cost of creating a website with a low budget wordpress:

These types of Websites are focused on Beginning Bloggers. Interested in publishing content, with aim of placing advertising or promoting affiliate products.

How Much Does a WordPress Website Cost with low Budget ?

Cost to Build a Website on WordPress: You can create a fully functional website for yourself and keep your costs below $ 100.

Here’s breakdown of costs for a WordPress website on a small budget.

First, you will need a domain name and web hosting.

A domain name generally costs $ 8.0- 14.99 / year, web hosting costs $ 3.99 – 7.99 / month.

Fortunately, Bluehost, an official hosting provider recommended by WordPress, agreed to offer our users a free domain name and more than 60% discount on web hosting.

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blue host banner 3.95 » Discover How Much Does a Wordpress Website Cost ?

Then you will need to install WordPress on your hosting account.

Access our Free Step-by-Step Tutorial on how to install a WordPress Blog for complete instructions.

Once you’ve installed WordPress, you can choose a layout for your website using a Free template.

These Templates

Design are called WordPress themes and control appearance of your website.

There are thousands of free and professionally designed themes available for WordPress that you can install.

Once you’ve chosen a WordPress template, follow instructions in our step-by-step guide on how to install a WordPress theme.

Next, you may want to add some functionality to your website, like adding a contact form, a photo gallery, slider, etc.

A great feature of WordPress is that it has thousands of plugins available that will help you do exactly that.

Plugins are like applications or extensions for your WordPress site. In our Blogy guide, we show you step by step on how to install a WordPress plugin.

Below is our selection of essential WordPress plugins that you should install on your website.

All are available for free, so cost is $ 0.


WPForms Lite: A plugin to add great contact forms to your WordPress site

Blog2Social: The best WordPress social media plugin.

Elementor: Create Fantastic web designs, no coding skills.

Website Optimization Plugins

Yoast SEO: improve your WordPress SEO and get more traffic from Google

-Autoptimize: Improve speed of your website by adding cache

Website security

-Free WordPress backup plugin
-Spam protection, AntiSpam, FireWall by CleanTalk

There are plenty of other free WordPress plugins to add different features and expand your WordPress site.

WordPress Website Cost

In summary two initial options for wordpress website cost, we can assure most used is basic option and premium theme.

Option 1
  • Domain Name ($8-$11 / year)
  • Web Hosting ($39/year)
  • Free Theme
  • Free Plugins
Option 2
/first year
  • Domain Name ($8-$11 / year)
  • Web Hosting ($39/year)
  • Premium Theme ($49-$65 OneTime)
  • Free Plugins

Our recommendation is option 2, why ? Even if it means an additional minimum investment, cost will be worth it, you will have great options of theme pro available for your wordpress website.

As you can see it does not include installation service. It doesn’t matter, because you can:

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How much does it cost to build a wordpress site, quick answer would be:

If you only need a professional blog, with all necessary tools to get started. The maximum wordpress cost per will be $ 55. Self Installation.

If you need more specialized website, will depend on plugins added to your website. Remember you can find free plugins, but pro features are paid.

How Much Does a WordPress Website Cost with Medium Budget ?

How Much Does Really a Wordpress Website Cost with Medium Budget » Discover How Much Does a Wordpress Website Cost ?
How much does a wordpress site cost with medium budget

If you have a budget greater than $100, you can save time and effort. To dedicate to creating your content. Hiring a third party service to install your website. I recommend you,

I hope I have resolved this biggest question regarding How Much Does a WordPress Website Cost, share this with your friends on social profiles. Thanks

Now you have discovered How Much Does a WordPress Website Cost, and that any human is capable of obtaining one. It is time to create your blog or website.

Cheers !


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