Why Start a Blog ? (11 Reasons To Start A Blogging )

Best Reasons Why Start a Blog Now

If you don’t have a blog yet, you may have the question, “Why start a blog?”

On the web at the moment, there are more than 177 million blogs on the Internet.

There are people who think the same and for this reason (or for any other reason) still do not dare to express their ideas, knowledge and experiences on the Web.

why create a blog » Why Start a Blog ? (11 Reasons To Start A Blogging )

However, just because there are so many ways doesn’t mean the doors are closed for new bloggers.

Today more than ever, due to the world situation, people are convinced, determined and willing to contribute something.

Today it is very easy to start a blog and make yourself known, connect with people who have likes and passions similar to ours and influence with your own unique message.

This is one of the wonders of blogging: NO ONE has your same knowledge, experiences and ideas; and therefore no one can post like you.

Each person has a unique identity that can make a blog a success.

The incredible Benefits of Blogging

I want to present a series of advantages to creating your blog, from personal to professional aspects.

After reading it, I am sure you will be eager to start.

If not, at least you will have a little more knowledge than a few minutes ago.

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Benefits of Having a Blog

Boost a Business

First Reason Why Create a Blog -Promote a Business
Why you Should start a blog ?

When a new business or company is created, nobody knows.

It is like coming to live in a new city; You have to start from scratch, know the places and the people and little by little know everything.

The same happens with a new business or business, you arrive in unknown territory to be the protagonist and make yourself known.

This is one of the most important tasks of any beginning entrepreneur.

A blog is a great boost for any new business. By publishing content of interest, you can be providing valuable information, building a relationship of trust to your reader.

More Customers

Already have a running business or are you looking for your first customers?

Second Reason Why Have a Blog -
Why Create a Blog for Customers ? : Experience

Very good. One of the factors that allows you to sell more, whether on the Internet or elsewhere, is trust.

If people in your industry or niche trust you and you are offering, the next step will be to buy your products and / or services.

Of course, the best way to build real trust and attract people is through useful information and valuable content. And this can be accomplished through a blog.

Let’s imagine for a moment that you have a blog about tarot and horoscope reading.

In which you offer a personal service of $ USD $ 155, where he teaches step by step how to read tarot cards and daily horoscopes etc.

Rather than trying to sell the first time you have people visiting the website.

First, you create an email marketing list with links to your blog, offering an incentive, with informative articles and tips for your business.

If these readers are already getting results with the advice from the blog, they will be much more likely to hire a personalized reading service.

A blog is a Source of education and training.

Something that, by nature, drives sales and customer numbers.

How to Create a Blog cta1 » Why Start a Blog ? (11 Reasons To Start A Blogging )

Advantage these times of obtaining a blog or website. It is the cost. Decades ago, only people who invested hundreds or thousands of dollars could have a website.

See in our article what is the cost to build a blog / website on wordpress Today.

Literally Today.

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts

-Winston S. Churchill

Best job

Are you looking for a new job with more growth opportunities? Start your blog today.

Third Reason Why Create a Blog - Best Job Opportunities

Today, many (or most) of the companies do a little research on the Internet for each of their candidates to hire.

It’s your turn. Your future boss examines your documents, goes to Google (or Linkedin) and types your name in the search bar.

Instead of leaving your Facebook profile with photos from the weekend party (as is the case for most), the link to your blog appears.

Upon login, review all the articles and content you have written, which of course are related to what your new position in the company would be.

At the end of reading some blog posts, this person went from being his future boss to his current boss. You are hired!

And all thanks to your blog. Well, maybe not everything, but I help you

A blog helps to show the knowledge and experience related to a topic.

Promote a Product or Brand

It is very easy to create a new product or brand, otherwise a decade ago.

Fourth Reason Why Create a Blog - Promote your Brand or Product
Why Make a Blog to Promote Brand ?

Imagine that you have a software, an electronic book on any subject, an online course, or any physical product in your store.

Of course, creating a great product is the first step.

The following is a complete promotion and marketing process that will allow you to attract visits and traffic to your site and therefore promote your new creation.

There are many ways to promote a product (some better than others, others more expensive or even free).

One of the most effective blogs is and gives better results.

On your blog, you can post endless information related to your product, for example:

  • What is it, how does it work, what are the advantages
  • Add testimonials from satisfied customers who have used it
  • Available promotions
    Tips or lessons related to the topic.
  • News

In short, what your creativity can contribute.

Keep in your mind, this information is an asset on the Internet.

And having a blog helps to promote and sell any product or service, whether yours or a third party.

Create an Audience

By providing relevant and valuable content, it is normal for people who benefit from all this information to return to your blog to continue learning.

Reason Five Why Create a Blog - Create Audience
Why Start a Blog for Audience ?

As you have more readers, a small audience forms that reads everything you post, knows it and trusts your knowledge.

It is a great advantage. Know that there are people who are ready to read and learn from you.

To avoid leaving this audience adrift and waiting for them to return to your blog of their own volition, it is best to use email marketing, capture emails, and send messages with links to your blog.

Each message can represent hundreds of loyal readers who benefit from your content and contribute to the growth of your business.

Publish e-Books

Publishing articles on a blog works as training for something very interesting and that can leave excellent results in any commercial and marketing plan: publication of an e-Book.

Six Reason Why Start a Blog - Publish an Ebook Promotion

The opportunity to become an author and publish books is greater than ever. What does it take to accomplish this?

  • A text editor
  • A specific topic related to your niche
  • Discipline to achieve this

Once your book is finished, you can post it to Amazon, post it to your blog, and sell it yourself or any other payment platform.

If you’re not ready yet, blog, get into the habit of writing a little every day, and when you least expect it, you can take the next step and be a recognized author.

Offer Services

You can offer digital products, EBook, Online Courses, to implement your automatic sales system.

Seven Reason Why Start a Blog - Offer Services
Why Start a Blog for Services ?

Applications and software can also sell very well, especially if they fulfill a significant need.

But you can also offer services.

There are many people who do not want to learn with a course.

They want to take advantage of their time in other tasks, they don’t have the provision or for some other reason they need someone to do the work for them.

The services work like this.

An online company or person offers services, and of course promotes it on a blog, this allows you to easily publicize your work, your style and the results that they can give to the client.

All of this in advance. No fees. Leave everything ready to be hired thanks to his excellent blog articles.

On your blog, you can also receive comments from potential customers interested in your offer. In this way, it adapts that offer more to the real needs of the market.

If you sell services on the Internet, a blog is basic. No matter the niche or the subject

More web Traffic and Better SEO

A bit logical and obvious, but it is important to mention it.
With an active blog and excellent content, more visits are get.

Writing and publishing does not mean that you will have thousands of visits a day magically.

These posts also need to be promoted through various digital media, such as social media, email, directories, link exchanges, forums, and more.

Having a blog and a marketing plan will give you more traffic and better results.

Viral and Content Marketing

Eight Reason Why Start a Blog - Create Viral Content

In the world of traffic, there is a term that we all want and want to have for our website or blog: viral marketing.

What is viral marketing?

Viral marketing describes any strategy that encourages people to get a message across to others, creating potential exponential growth in message exposure and influence.

In addition to helping to increase visits, a blog is the ideal vehicle to create viral marketing and achieve this “snowball effect” where your campaign cannot fail to be shared by the entire network.

Create a special offer for your product on your blog, a 5,000-word guide that explains and solves a major problem in your niche, a controversial and controversial video, or any other similar material.


Online viral marketing strategies.
Expand your subscriber list

A subscriber list is one of the most important assets of any business on the Internet. Even more if you have a good relationship with these subscribers.

As we have already seen, the key is trust and information on the Internet is a way to accelerate its creation.

By constantly posting on your blog and offering quality information, you will build a certain trust and a certain inclination for your readers to become on subscribers.

Once subscribed, trust continues to grow and grow with each message that reaches your inbox.

The objective is that once subscribed, they can become clients. For this email marketing it is very good.

In conclusion: a blog will allow you to develop your list and at the same time continue to educate and add value to each subscriber through updates with relevant content.

Help both the generation and loyalty of your subscribers.

Recommended tools to generate viral content:

Position as An Expert in Your Area

If you are looking to be recognized as a reference and an expert in your niche, blogging is one of the most effective ways to achieve

Eight Reason Why Have a Blog - Position as an Expert

We have seen that a blog allows you to contribute, educate and build trust.

It also facilitates author recognition as an authority with experience in the field in which it operates.

Of course, if you’re looking for this benefit, don’t blog anonymously.

Put your name, photo and a brief description in the articles and in the sidebar of your blog

If we want to achieve excellent results in any Internet business model, we need the help of other people, sooner or later.

Whatever your niche, there are surely other people and experts offering products and solutions in the same market.

Instead of seeing them as a competition (which will always be a certain way), why not create alliances?

An alliance offers countless benefits that can make the difference between growing exponentially or stagnating for months or even years.

How can you partner for better results? Here are some ideas:

  • Create a product with another “blogger” and offer it to a wider and more varied audience.
  • Exchange emails to everyone’s list recommending each one’s blog or product
  • Guest Articles for more traffic
  • Social Media Posts
  • Product promotions as an affiliate (with or without bonus)
  • Start by identifying the most influential people in your niche and gradually connecting with them.
  • Leave detailed comments that contribute positive elements to your blog and create a good relationship that, in the medium and long term, has many possibilities of being an alliance.

What do you think of these benefits of creating and blogging?

I could go on to mention more, but it seems to me that these are more than enough to demonstrate the power of blogging and content marketing.

How to Start a Blog ? – No Coding Skills

Now is your time:

To start your blog, you need:

  • A domain
  • A web Hosting Account
  • Install WordPress
  • Set up basic things
  • Choose a topic
  • Start writing
How to Create a Blog cta » Why Start a Blog ? (11 Reasons To Start A Blogging )

We’re sharing a Free Guide to Learn How to Create a Blog / Website, in less than 30 minutes. And the part, without coding skills.

That’s right, Today you can publish your first entry.

You have doubts, write your comment or question on the form.

With pleasure I will answer you, I love to talk about everything related to creating blog / websites, design marketing.


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