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Do you have a product or website, you want to promote, with Affiliate Link included ?. Would you like to write a review for US? . We are Accepting Guest Posting Free! Are you an expert in blogging, content marketing or outsourcing?. We are always looking for people interested in sharing their products, physical or digital.

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Our guidelines are as follows: Make sure your articles are at least 800 words long. This has been our standard and philosophy for blog posts since day one. Make sure your articles are 100% unique. (It will be verified directly in Google and other tools). We are not interested in low quality articles and / or yarns.

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Guest Post Guidelines to be followed

Thanks for your interest in writing to us, however, there are some guidelines for submitting a guest post to our website, and here are some of them:

  • Title: Brand / Text (Maximum 130 characters)
  • Content: Your article should be over 800 words long and it should be very informative , short sentences, include 3 sub heading (Order: h2, h3, h4)
  • Product (physical / digital): Name, Brand, Price, 3 advantages, 3 disadvantages, Your Affiliate Link (No Cloack)
  • Make sure the article does NOT contain grammatical errors.
  • Plagiarism in articles is strictly not allowed. If the content is copied elsewhere, we will reject the article.
  • Images: Include 3 relevant images (minimum) must be free copyright.
  • Use proper heading tags in the article. Your article must be properly formatted before submitting the guest article.
  • Profile: Name, Social Link (Real), Photo Link
  • Make sure the article is relevant to the title and is not misleading.
  • We do not cover topics related to illegal products or activities, so avoid posting articles on those topics.

Include a biography of the author with your submissions. Yes, we attribute posts to individual authors.

We accept all kinds of physical and digital products. It should be related to the following topics: product (technological, beauty, toys), blogs, content, content marketing, social networks, online marketing, search engine optimization, outsourcing, WordPress, copywriting or tools that are commonly used for anyone of the disciplines mentioned above.

Make sure your idea has not already been covered here. We know it takes a little more time to review files, but unique and engaging content helps us deliver quality to our audience week after week.

Make sure your writing is legible. Again, we want to make sure we bring the products to our audience every week. Check your spelling, grammar, and also take time to go over your article several times (and read it aloud if necessary) before submitting. We want publishing to make sense without us having to take on editing tasks. Submit high-quality content.

Take a look at our general style. Your article does not have to match our style 100%, but you can see how we like to structure our articles by reading some of them.

Use headings to divide your article into sections. Short sentences are easier to read than long sentences. Filler words are unnecessary and should be removed. Passive language should only be used when you are making a hypothesis. Use active language to engage the reader and appear more confident and assertive on your points. You must include images free of copyright.

Thanks for being a part of our Free Guest Posting.