Fitness Tracker Watch – Xiaomi Mi Band 2

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A Fitness Tracker Watch Assistant, with attractive design, totally waterproof, with long battery life, it offers approximately 20 days of use with a single charge, and you can monitor your steps, heart rate and sleep habits, as well as show notifications of rudimentary calls, SMS and some applications. Also a vibrator, which allows you to inform you about events.

Best part is cheap price $ 20- $ 35. Although the Charging Cable can easily be lost or weak third-party Application Support, it remains an excellent tool. Something interesting will always be, the module itself and the strap in which it is inserted. And you can change the color of your preference. Okay. It is definitely a great assistant, if we have data such as time, total steps, calories burned, distance traveled and remaining battery life. Everything in our hand. It seems to be made of rubber, but it is stronger and, hopefully, will withstand a lot of punishment. Even so, you should treat it well, because it will be your FIT partner. In short, it is an excellent product. Yes, we verify 99% of the 4264 opinions support it. You can order yours, we share with you link in information box.

Fitness Tracker Watch Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Cheap, Where Buy ?

Cool Fitness Tracker Watch

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Great Fitness Tracker Watch Cheap Brand Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Great Design Fitness Tracker Digital Watch

Thousands of customers consider “Xiaomi Mi Band 2” one of the best, health and fitness tracker !. With an outstanding Star Rating, 4.9

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is an excellent brands of fitness tracker watches. Preferred by many worldwide, comfortable price. The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is an existing watch fitness tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Developed by Xiaomi, and manufactured by foxxconn technology company

Excellent Choice for Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

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    Xiaomi Mi Band 2

    Ok, if you want to avoid boredom with the same type of bracelet. And this is one of my favorite parts of this fitness tracker watch Xiaomi Mi Band 2, the bracelet is infinitely, there is a wide variety of colors. UUUhhh but also many designs.

    Bracelets Xiaomi Mi Band 2

    Bracelet for Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

    What is the Xiaomi Mi Band 2?

    Xiaomi Mi Band 2 a great portable fitness tracker watch from hardware giant, Xiaomi. Follow the low-cost Mi Band and Mi Band 1S tapes includes many functions, and introduces a screen for the first time in the alignment, as well as improved pedometer technology, which Xiaomi says is smoother for the battery.

    This fitness tracker watch is powered by a 70 mAh cell that offers approximately 20 days of use on a single charge, and can monitor your steps, heart rate, sleep habits, as well as display rudimentary notifications. Messages and other applications. Oh, its price very comfortable.

    Xiaomi Mi Band 2 – Design and Configuration.

    Despite its low price, this fitness tracker watch seems quite solid and looks much more impressive than previous models quite monotonous. Like the previous Mi bands, Xiaomi Mi Band 2, consists of two distinct parts: the module the strap into which it is inserted. Assembling these two elements is the first thing to do when opening the package. You will have to repeat this trick every time you want to load it, or just change color. USB cable cannot be connected when the main module is enabled.

    Great Waterproof Fitness Tracker Watch

    The unit is waterproof, has an anti-scratch side and a button for interactions. A 0.42 inch monochromatic OLED display shows data on time, total steps, calories burned, distance traveled and remaining battery life. At the bottom of the device, the tip that touches the skin, is an optical heart rate sensor. The bottom edge houses two charging plugs that connect to the charging cable. The scope is quite short.

    Silicone bracelet is apparently made of a breathable and sweat-resistant material that is more comfortable. It looks like rubber, you can buy a replacement in black, red, green and blue. A simple pressure mechanism is used to set the clock around your wrist.

    Xiaomi Mi Band 2 – Monitoring and Software

    The first thing shown on the screen, after time of day, is the total number of steps taken. Putting this data at your fingertips is the rationale of Xiaomi Mi Band 2. You can configure the information that is displayed when you touch the menu with your finger and you can also see the calories burned. Distance traveled and last recorded heart rate.

    The main unit has a vibrating motor that allows information about events. Passing a particular target activates a notification, or if you remain inactive for too long, kindly notify him to get out of his seat and walk a little. You can also set an alarm that vibrates to wake up from sleep. Finally, you can use Mi Band 2 to avoid the security of your phone’s lock screen. You can ask the phone to disable the lock when it detects which device is nearby, it saves a lot of time, but it may not be very useful if you use fingerprint security, it requires only one contact.

    To use Xiaomi Mi Band 2 smart fitness watch, you need to install Xiaomi Mi Fit application on your phone. Although Mi Band 2, like all Xiaomi products, is not officially sold in Europe and the United Kingdom, Mi Fit is available for free on Google Play and in iOS app stores. This is a smart enough download that allows you to control notifications sent to Mi Band 2, information that shows when you touch the main menu with the individual button and third-party applications that can send messages. Alerts. There are also many options.

    Although Xiaomi Mi Fit, store your fitness information with a Xiaomi user account (you must create one), you can share this information with your Fit profile to avoid duplicates. Google Fit is already installed on most Android users and will use to get an overview of its general status. Integrating your Xiaomi Mi Band 2 data is a real bargain.

    You can set personal goals, such as the number of steps taken in a single day, as with other portable devices, you can compare your performance with your friends. This is an area where the Chinese origins of Mi Band 2 have been reduced: the only social networks that are currently compatible are WeChat and Sina Weibo, two massive networks in China but relatively unknown in the West.

    Xiaomi Mi Band 2 – Battery and charge

    The 70 mAh battery of Xiaomi Mi Band 2 can last a maximum of 20 days, according to Xiaomi. Naturally, the more notifications you have activated, the faster the battery will run out. Having to remove the sensor from its tape to load is a bit awkward, but not worse than competitors, such as the Fitbit Flex.

    Should I Buy this Smart Fitness Watch?

    Xiaomi Mi Band 2 represents incredible value compared to some of the classic fitness equipment, which offers more features than many of its competitors at a fraction of the price. The associated smartphone application is also excellent, although additional compatibility for third-party applications would be welcome.

    Although Xiaomi Mi Band 2 provides a large amount of data, application could be more effective presenting this information in a concrete way, beyond simply observing historical models. Still, if you consider the price; Battery life, all useful options and great design, replaceable straps, in the end, complete package is very attractive.

    Our verdict: Attractive smart fitness watch, full of features, the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is one of the most economical exercise trackers in history. It says the people who acquired this Fitness Tracker Watch and gave their approval


    We give this product 9 ❤

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    Fitness Tracker Watch Xiaomi Mi Band 2




    Shipping Options


    Battery Life


    Waterproof Resistance



    • Attractive waterproof design
    • Great OLED display
    • Battery life


    • Weak third-party app support
    • Lacks guidance and advice
    • Charging Cable Small

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