Are blankets safe for Babies ?

Are blankets safe for Babies ?

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It’s so cute to see a newborn baby snuggled up in a fluffy, warm handmade blanket. But think for a moment. Are blankets safe for babies ?. Baby blankets are definitely not recommended, because they can pose quite a serious risk. According to But don’t worry too much, because there will be a time when you can use it without major problem. But there are certain recommendations that you should take into account.

Asnwer to: Are blankets safe for Babies ? - When are Blankets Safe for Babies ?
Answer to: Are blankets safe for Babies ? – When are Blankets Safe for Babies ?

The dangers of Blankets for Babies

One of the main dangers of blankets is suffocation and possible strangulation. According to the American State Academy of Pediatrics AAP. An average of 3,500 babies die each year from sleep-related causes. These causes include asphyxia or strangulation by accident.

According to research carried out by the aap, the vast majority of babies who died from sudden infant death syndrome SMLS had their faces covered, obstructing breathing and this caused overheating.

The study showed that babies under 12 months of age have no ability or dexterity to move blankets or any object away from their faces. They are also not strong enough to roll over and avoid danger.

This is one of the reasons why the AAP in 2016 issued new guidelines that discourage the use of soft or loose bedding near a baby. And the recommendations include blankets, pillows, loose bedding and loose sheets.

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Safety of our baby is the most important thing, that is why I recommend the following accessories for babies (acquire any of these, by clicking on the buy button):

Will my baby suffer from Cold ?

One reason anyone would want to use a blanket to cover a baby is to keep him warm and warm. But there are other ways to make sure your baby has the right temperature. recommends setting the thermostat in the newborn’s room to a temperature between 70 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit as well as dressing your baby in tight cotton clothing because it allows perspiration. does not recommend to return our baby and keep him warm, always hasvik warning that you should not tighten the diaper too much.

Is Sleep Training Necessary for Your Baby ?

Experts the healthy children recommend swaddling your baby when trying to roll over. This will allow you to have your little arms to help you if necessary. It is also advisable to check your baby, touching her face to see if she is too hot or too cold.

You can tell if your baby is too hot by having a red face or wheezing. You can feel your chest cold this probably means that your baby has some cold. Then I see you go for a light cape. A highly recommended rule of thumb is not to dress your baby in more diapers than you would wear.

Rather it is recommended baby sleeping bags or portable blanket that will keep your baby warm at night.

When are Blankets Safe for Babies ?

With all that we have talked about about baby safety regarding blankets, you must want to know when are blankets safe for babies?. The best time to buy a hand-knit blanket for your baby is on her first birthday.

Once your baby is 1 year old, it is generally safer to start covering them with blankets and soft toys in their crib. Most babies at this age can roll over and use their hands to move objects that may obstruct their face.

Likewise If you have any concerns or queries about the safety of your baby’s crib and bed, you should be sure to consult with your child’s pediatrician.

What Can I do With the old Fleece Blankets?

Now you know when it is time to put your baby wrapped in blankets, with which he will enjoy a long time warm and comfortable. But nothing lasts forever, the blankets will get old, so what can I do with the old fleece blankets? Look at my post 5 Tips How to Recycle old Blankets to know what to do with your old blankets.

I hope that this article about whether Are blankets safe for Babies, clears your doubts regarding the safety of placing your baby in blankets. Safety first.


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