Innovative AMAKE Wifi Extender 300Mbps

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AMAKE WiFi Range Extender

Shop Now AMAKE WiFi Range Extender/Wireless Repeater/Internet Signal Booster Amplifier 300Mbps,Mini AP Access Point

AMAKE WiFi Range Extender

AMAKE WiFi Extender gets 4 stars in our honest review. After connecting … This device works great. after connect to the router, and plugging into an outlet in the hallway or wherever you need it, you will have a strong signal throughout the house.

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Wireless Extender Alternatives

The current situation this year has kept many working from home and needing a stable and reliable Wi-Fi connection more than ever. Dead zones are definitely a real problem, you may have learned the hard way, if you’ve tried setting up a home office, which is too far from your router, luckily an AMAKE Wifi Extender can be very helpful.

02 Wifi Range Extender AMAKE › Innovative AMAKE Wifi Extender 300Mbps

In the case of the best Wireless extender, they give your network a boost, by receiving the wireless signal from your router and re-amplifying it to many corners in your home. Most are easy to operate: just pick a good location, connect, and press the WPS button to sync your router. This is the case in most cases.

An interesting fact is that your wireless range extender does not have to be the same brand as your router. And, fortunately, you have many quality and affordable options.

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AMAKE Wifi Extender

Wifi Range Extender AMAKE › Innovative AMAKE Wifi Extender 300Mbps
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What you will like the most about AMAKE Super Boost, will be its “access point” capabilities. Once the device is configured, you can take it with you, anywhere and connect it directly to a modem using the included Ethernet cable, so you can create a small area of ​​Wi Fi in your hotspot, so it works like a router. The AMAKE Wireless Extender is a product developed by the company szamake

However, because most hotels and restaurants do not have their modems for public access, and most places already have wireless routers connected to their modems, this makes this feature a bit ridiculous except for special situations. One cons is that the AMAKE extend, protrudes a bit from the wall, which makes it look uncomfortable.

Also, the Super Boost setup process is a bit complicated for people with little knowledge, requiring the user to enter their current Wifi password, on a highly questionable website. Still, this device can be considered as a good option, for someone who needs a wireless signal projected directly from the router in a minimal area.

Amake Wireless Extender Features:

  • High speed: you can extend the existing, long-range wireless network.
  • Plug and Play: Easy to install and use. Portable, small device of great value, ideal for home use.
  • WPS button: set up on your phone, iphone, tablet, laptop, PC in no time.
  • Compatibility: Ethernet port allows the AMAKE Wifi Extender to function as a wireless adapter to connect wired devices,
  • USE mode: repeater for BETTER performance and wireless coverage and AP mode, to create a new WiFi access point

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Some frequently asked questions related to:

How does a Wi-Fi repeater work?

A WiFi repeater or amplifier is used to expand the coverage area of your Wi Fi network. It works by receiving the signal from your existing network, then transmitting the amplified signal.

Can the Wi-Fi repeater cause problems?

There may be interference, it is a common problem, but setting up Wi-Fi may cause problems. A valuable tip is that the router and extensions have the same SSID name, it simplifies the task, but it can create a roaming problem with low-cost routers.

Does the Wi-Fi repeater slow down the Internet?

Definitely No. This slows down the Wi-Fi connection of devices that directly use the extender. If the Wi-Fi coming directly from the router is slower than the internet speed, the Wi-Fi extender will reduce the internet speed for devices using the extender generally by about 50%.

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