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Great AC750m Repeater

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AC750m Repeater, Great Range extender : Need expand Wi-Fi access in your home? As the speed of your home network continues to decline, a great alternative is to buy a wireless range extender, like the AC750m Repeater.

Wifi Range Extender AC750m Repeater

Amazin Wifi Range Extender AC750m Repeater

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With the AC750M Simultaneous Dual Band Wifi Range Extender, you get a device that amplifies two wireless frequencies in one box at the same time. What does Simultaneous dual band mean? It means that the AC-750M dual band repeater has the ability to repeat the 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless bands at the same time.

It is possible to use an AC750M wifi repeater with a single band router, but it is a better idea to upgrade to a dual band router, which can handle the 2.4 / 5 Gigahertz wireless bands, this will maximize your potential. network connection.

The AC750m Repeater wireless has two external antennas that help speed up your network connection by up to 750 megabytes, reducing interference and providing a stable connection.

This AC-750M WiFi repeater is compatible with 802 standards. 11, it can be used as an access point and wireless router.

The UK plug can be changed with a two pin plug. The wireless access point function is very useful if you have a router that does not support wireless technology and you want it to be compatible with wireless technology.

The AC-750M Simultaneous Dual Band is easy to configure as a wireless range extender. Just press the WPS button, on both the extender and your router, and the extender will use the same SSID as your router.

Inside the box you also have an RJ-45 network cable and a quick setup manual.

The WiFi repeater has 6 LED lights including Power, WPS, WIFi-AC, WiFi-N, LAN and WLAN.

Enjoy your WIFI Internet connection, expanding your reception range. The AC750m Repeater, Wifi Range Extender is a perfect device. You can get it in the purchase link.


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